Tribute from the Sisters

Tribute from the Sisters

As the first born child in our family, Mary witu (i.e. our Mary), as we commonly addressed her, had a big heart and love for us in the nuclear and extended family and perhaps that is why we had to emphasize she was “our Mary” as children. Her kindness was beyond comparison.

Mary co-parented us and took keen interest in the milestones we made as individuals and even extended this to our children as they came along. On visiting her she would enquire of the whereabouts of each child and how they were fairing, especially in their education.

She taught us basic skills in life on how to take care of ourselves and stay clean in body, heart and deed, noting to always put God first in our pursuits. She trusted us to train in child care using her own children.

She taught us to have a sense of order in our lives from early age and that everything and everyone have their rightful place and that should be respected. “Put the left shoe to the left foot and the right shoe to the right foot. If you interchange them, you will suffer”. In most cases she bought the first shoe for us. “Dirt belongs to the dustbin at all times and nowhere else”, she would remark”

 She taught us the importance of doing right things in the right order at all times.

Mary was very tidy & organised and for this she was a point of reference even beyond her nuclear family.

She has left a part of her well ingrained in each of us making us who we are today.

Fair thee well, Mary witu till we meet again. We loved you but it pleased God to put you close to Himself and we have accepted.  Amen!

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