Message from His Excellency Mwai Kibaki, CGH

Message from His Excellency Mwai Kibaki, CGH

I am saddened by the demise of Mary Wakonyu Kagai, a relative by marriage who has departed the earthly abode having lived true to the abiding legacy of the larger Kagai family. I—on my behalf and on behalf of the entire Kibaki household—relay my heartfelt condolences to John Kagai Kanuri, the husband to the late Mary and her children Carolyn, Bildad, Epafrus, Bernard, Milka, Jackson, Carolyne, Lilian, Catherine and Jane. To her sisters, Elizabeth, Cecilia, Beth, Euna, Jane and Tabitha, I say poleni sana.
I am sure it will not be easy to explain where cucu has gone to Mary’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren but I trust that with God’s wisdom their parents will be able to comfort the young ones as members of the family and friends come to terms with this loss. May the Almighty God grant all those affected ample fortitude to bear these trying moments. I remember Mary for the great love she had for her family. She made noteworthy sacrifices to give the best possible attention to her children and husband. She even quit her job to tend to her family at the peak of her career. So focused was she that not until she had tidied up the family front did she go back to her calling. Those who were lucky to be served by Mary during her illustrious nursing career do testify to the exceptional diligence with which she performed her duties. Mary loved the things of God, but more so she served Him with gladness and unmatched commitment. She has been an excellent example to the generations that followed her and a commendable mentor to many.
May she rest in eternal peace

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